Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Tuesday Alchemy catch up!

I can't believe we're on challenge number 5 over at the Tuesday Alchemy blog, I've got some catching up to do.

Last week's challenge was feathers,which had me a bit stumped for a while and then I suddenly knew exactly what I wanted to do,hooray!

I thought that I had some Native American Indian images on a disc I had,but after a very long time of looking through several discs for them I realised my brain had just made that up!  I decided to buy a download of suitable images from Etsy because my mind was set,so off I went to Etsy and found this!
What a great find,loads of lovely images and really great quality and they sent it to me within minutes of me ordering it, pretty good service,I'd say.
I wanted to use the feathers like a specimen plant (ooh bit of a flashback there to my Floristry college days!) and pulled the idea together with some illustrations from an old book on Native American Indians,a small rusty heart and a tiny cream shell.
I used the turquoise for it's association with Native Americans and it was perfect for a pop of colour too.  I finished  with a bit of stamping with my trusty swirl stamp.  I use that stamp so much,I think if something happened to it I just might have a mild panic attack!

Ok , now on to this week's challenge, chosen by me!  Haha!
It just had to be mermaids didn't it? I love them!
Decided to use a clipboard as a base,because it's a good size for collage.
I love the fish in this,they're from an old nature book.
The shells are ones I collected myself from Brancaster Bay and the little flower is from a broken piece of jewellery.

I think I could make Mermaid things every day and never get bored.  I loved seeing what the other girls created for this challenge,a fab necklace,a groovy party favour bag and a scrumptious card.
There's still time to check out the blog and join in creating something mermaidy.