Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Tarara Boom De Ay!

Today is a good day!  I'm honoured to be featured on the lovely Taylor Lynn's blog - 'Dreams of Fae'. Check it out - http://dreamsoffae.blogspot.com/
Taylor Lynn is such a talented young lady, writes a fab blog and has an Etsy shop for her beautiful photography.

                                     One of the gorgeous prints available in Taylor Lynn'sShop

 I really don't know how she fits so much in to her day, the girl is a powerhouse of talent and it really is a blessing to know her.

More good news....I finished my latest paper doll,'Libby' and got nice sunny photos taken in the garden and got her listed on Etsy, yippee!

                                                                       Here she is
I'll share with you my first attempt at making her head.  I got a splodge of glue on her face by accident.  I was well annoyed and I wasn't as pleased with the second head I made, but hey ho,at least I didn't get glue on her this time!
 I think I'll make her a body and let her hang out next to my desk.

Here's 'Libby' # 1 tucked in a little inspirational quote I have above my desk, while she waits for a body.

I must say, the more mistakes I make, the better I'm getting at accepting them as learning and not having quite such a big cow about it!


  1. Lol ~ practice makes perfect, even when it comes to accepting your own 'mistakes'!! ;) I love Libby, she came out great! I just read Tay's interview, I love that photo of you and the feature was excellent! :)

  2. Aw, thanks so much for the mention - on here and on your Facebook page! <3 I appreciate it. :) And Libby is very cute, I love her! Great job! :D

  3. Melinda, I've perfected how to handle most mistakes with my 'cooking',if something turns out lumpy I just call it 'Country style'! ;o) Works for me!

    Yeah,Taylor Lynn did such a great job. You must be a proud Mum of your girls, you're such a cool Mum xx

  4. Taylor Lynn, you're most welcome,it's the least I could do,you're such a hard worker!
    Thanks! :o)

  5. She looks great Julia.."mistakes" are just another art piece waiting to happen.. amazing how those can turn into something else so beautifully.. Taylor did a lovely article too..
    have a great day!