Saturday, 1 January 2011

Diving in!

Happy new year!

I hope this year brings you good health,love and joy.  I feel very blessed that I got to spend Christmas and see the new year in with my family.  I hope that this coming year will bring lots of adventures and those of an arty persuasion,I would like to share with you.

Thought I'd intersperse my waffle with a photo.  Yes,I know it's kind of a boring photo,but.....this is partly why I've started my blog. 

I am a big procrastinator and this year I am determined to do more,make more,learn more,well you get the idea.  I figure if I have a blog that is waiting for a post about what I've done then I bloomin' well better have done something.  Kind of scary but kind of exciting too.

I was finding it difficult to keep track of my friend's blogs without a blog of my own too, now hopefully it will be a little easier.
  I think that as this is my first post I should put down what my goals are for 2011.

My 2011 Arty Farty Goals
  1. Start a blog! (I'm off to a great start ;o) )
  2. Sell my art somewhere else as well as Etsy.(Doing well with this one,got my Folksy shop set up just haven't got anything for sale in it yet.)
  3. Practice practice practice my painting.
  4. Stop procrastinating and worrying about doing things perfectly or not at all.  Just get on and do it and embrace the imperfection and mistakes along the way.
  5.  Learn something new.  Now I've plucked up the courage and finished not just my first but two canvases I feel excited to learn new techniques,well any techniques actually,I haven't got a clue what I'm doing,but that's half the fun,right?!

 I hope you drop in to say Hello now and again.  I would love to hear what your goals are for the coming year.  Hopefully,no, definitely, my next post will be up soon showing what progress I've made with my new canvas.
Thanks for dropping by and big up to my (as of today) one and only follower,the lovely Marie,who you can find here:
Thanks Marie! xx

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  1. Jujubean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great to have you ^_^ those are some pretty darn good goals!

    Luv ya