Thursday, 27 January 2011

Happy Robot Chocolate Cupcake Moo Day!

Hi all!  I'm so excited I could burst!  Postman Pat brought me two fantabulous parcels this morning that I just have to share with you.  Firstly,I am now the proud owner of an Evi Robot!  No, don't worry,I didn't order a Fembot.  My good friend sent me one of her groovy Robot wall plaques and I love it!

My photo doesn't do it justice due to the lack of decent sunlight and a moody camera.  It is just so groovy,I love the bright colours,his cute robotty personality and he's just the right size.  I've hung him above my work table to inspire and cheer me when it's drizzly and dull outside,which,at the moment,is quite often.

Evi's funky shop is here -
 if you would like to get one for yourself or visit her on facebook,there's never  a dull moment when Evi's around  :o)

                                                         Behold my yummy Moo cards!

As if getting a robot in the post wasn't exciting enough, I also got my Moo business cards too,how lucky am I?!  I am so chuffed with them,they are even better than I hoped they were going to be.  I went for the 'green'option which are %100 recyled and recyclable and was a bit worried that the print quality would be a bit iffy,well I shouldn't have worried.  The colours are vibrant,the photos are sharp (well,as sharp as my photography skills) and they came in a yummy recycled pulp board case.  I keep picking it up and looking at it,getting some cards out,looking at them and putting them back. 
It doesn't take much to keep me quiet.

So there you go, two marvellous things in the post and now I'm going to make some vegan cupcakes.  When I say 'make'I mean open the box,add the oil and water and chuck them in the oven.  I'm using 'Cherrybrook Kitchen'chocolate cake mix,it is so yummy and really filling. (I know that sounds like a cheesy advert,but it's true!) I can normally eat three or four or five cupcakes in one go,but these are so filling I only eat one or two in one sitting, and the mix has loads of chocloate chips in, oh they are awesome.  Only problem is, all my (non-vegan) family love them as much as I do,so they disapear fast.  Luckily I'll have a headstart before everyone else gets home.  Yeehaaaa!


  1. I love getting things in the mail!! Woohoo! Enjoy the vegan cupcakes :)


  2. I heard about Moo cards before but am not sure if they're also available for abroad? The robot plaque is so cute by the way! And I hope you enjoyed your cupcakes, they indeed sound delicious :D

  3. Anastasia,I have a sticker of Spongebob with a crazy smile stuck on our letterbox inside because it looks just like me when posty brings anything!

    Arien, Moo cards ship worldwide, they would be perfect for you, you've got to get some!
    The cupcakes were delish! xx

  4. Aw, that robot is adorable!!!

    I wanted to thank you for not only visiting, following and commenting on my blog, but also for sharing it on Facebook. Dreams of Fae is brand new, so it really means a lot to me. Thank you so much!

    Taylor <3

  5. Those business cards are beautiful, they will certainly make a beautiful statement, get people to look twice! :) We're fans of vegan cupcakes here too!

  6. Jujubean!!! thanks for featuring my wee robot guy ^_^ I'm so glad he got to you safely and that he keeps you company on gloomy days

    You're such a sweetiepie i could just pinch your cheeks!! ^_^ <3

    luv ya

  7. Taylor,Your blog is groovy,I know you are going to get a lot of followers, and you deserve to. You write so naturally and I
    am glad that we can all share in your creativity. :o) xx

    SimplySmitten, So far the only person I've given one of my business cards to is my Hubby! lol Do you have any good recipes for vegan cupcakes,I'm trying to do more baking from scratch!

    Evi! I so totally love my robot,I can't tell you how excited I was when I unwrapped him. It was like unwrapping a big hug xoxoxox

  8. Morning Julia.. love that robot.. and those cupcakes sound delicious.. I didn't realize you had a blog..following you now and I loved your interview on Simply Smitten's blog.. those Moo cards are beautiful..
    Happy Valentine's Day!

  9. Hi Julia,

    I wanted to let you know that I've given you an award of sorts! :) Check out my latest blog post for the details:

    Congrats! ;D

    Taylor Lynn <3

  10. Wicked moo cards....and I am sure your robot friend will inspire you x