Tuesday, 21 February 2012


Well, being on a design team is certainly good for making me keep up to date with my blog,which I'm pretty pleased about  :o)  See, I'm getting this week's post written, but only because I'm getting a nudge, a week goes by soooo quickly!

Anyway, on to this weeks offering for the Tuesday Alchemy blog challenge.

Tuesday Alchemy

For this week's challenge we got to use anything from nature in our creation.
Straight away  I knew I wanted to make some sort of nest with a bird image.  I absolutely love birds and get so much joy from hearing birdsong in the garden.  I just can't imagine life without birds,I love them!  We don't get many birds in our garden and I don't try and encourage them for fear of our cat eating them.  He may seem too fat and lazy to bother chasing them,but I know  just how sneaky cats can be!
Bear on the prowl!

I used an upcycled bamboo chocolate box lid to give the piece some depth,I was going for a kind of nest/looking through a tree kind of look,worked out pretty good I think.  Painted the base with acrylic paints and then stamped some swirls on it before collaging the bird image onto it.  I enhanced the bird by adding some watercolour and acrylic paint to him. The twigs were broken up from a small wreath I had and then glued  around the edge of the lid.  I added skeleton leaves,a dried rose leaf and petal, some Spanish moss and a feather.  Some small rusty hearts were also tucked in between the twigs to tie in with the heart I used on the base (This was gifted to me by a good friend yonks ago with some other arty supplies,I knew I would find just the right project for it).

My Daughter helped me with the photos as the wind kept trying to whisk it away!

If you fancy having a go at making something with a 'Nature' theme drop by the blog and join in.  You can get inspired with a new idea every Tuesday and share your fab creations on the blog.


  1. Such a beautiful piece! I am always excited to see what you will create. I am a HUGE fan :)

    Pin & Tack

  2. Aww thanks Corrinne! That's very sweet of you and I've got to tell you I'm loving creating with such a talented group of girls,it's so much fun.